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Training & coaching

If you are looking to optimize your freediving technique and performance with an experienced coach, the Blue Classroom team led by Carlos Coste 12x World Record is the best place!


Bonaire Deep Camp

August 1 - 14 th


We are offering 2 weeks of guided training sessions 

to improve your techniques and performances.


Focused on depth disciplines like CWT, FIM, and CNF. 

Every training session starts with a dry warmup and 

follows with advanced equalization techniques, visualization,

and breathing practices. 

You will experience a tailor-made training consulted with Carlos Coste in perfect conditions, with great visibility, no currents, and no depth limit.


The Deep Camp includes 10 training sessions, 4 days off for recovery, 

video footage and video analysis after the training.

Spots: 9,  Available: 6

PRICE: 1,200 USD

Deposit: 400 USD


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