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About Bonaire

Bonaire is a Caribbean Island that forms part of the Lesser Antilles. A territory of the Netherlands in the Southern Caribbean. Bonaire's endless opportunities to dive make it a fantastic destination for freedivers looking to include high-quality training and fun as part of a longer holiday. Bonaire is known for its stunning reefs and for providing opportunities to dive deep just from the shore — no long boat rides are necessary! Due to its excellent location, Bonaire’s sea conditions are stable and consistently provide excellent visibility, temperatures, and soft to zero current, making it an ideal diving destination year-round.

Bonaire boasts a high safety rating and great infrastructure so your holiday will be hassle-free!


Why Bonaire

“Bonaire has a unique combination of advantages that makes it an awesome destination for freedivers looking for quality time & training:

  • Great depth/water conditions to train and explore all the year.

  • Permanent training platform in front of the shore. It provides our students and instructors with one of the best & comfortable freediving logistics on the planet.

  • Fun activity options like top-level Kiteboarding / Windsurfing, SUP, Yoga,

    hiking, MTB, caving, trail running, and a lot more.

  • Bonaire is not a massive tourism destination, the island is a great option

    for people looking for quality instead of quantity


    Comfortable infrastructure: restaurants, international airport, extensive supermarkets, all kinds of accommodation, good hospital with hyperbaric facilities, good internet for remote working, etc.

    All that reasons and more make Bonaire a unique and exclusive freediving destination!”


      Carlos Coste. 

As the first island in the Caribbean to found a protected marine park, Bonaire has historically been the foundation for sustainable practices in the area and continues to strive towards improving sustainable policies including through the tourism industry. We are proud to say that 40% of the energy used on the island is labeled as “clean energy.”

Getting to Bonaire

Flying from North America:

American, Delta, and United Airlines offer direct flights to Bonaire:

AA: flights from Miami on Wednesday and Saturdays (more days in wintertime, check

Delta flights from Atlanta and United from Newark and Houston.


Flying from Europe:

Direct flights from Europe come from Amsterdam with TUI or KLM they also serve as the gateway to other European Countries.


Flying from Latin America and the Caribbean:

Curacao International Airport (CUR) works like the best hub to connect South America and Caribbean countries.

TIP: book your flight to Curacao, and buy a connection flight CUR-BON (just a 15minutes flight) with Fly Divi or EZ Airlines.


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