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AIDA Youth Courses

Youth Programme teaches water skills to children from 6 to 15 years old.

Consists of four courses — Bronze Dolphin, Silver Dolphin, Gold Dolphin (6 to 11 years), and AIDA Junior (12 to 15 years).


The courses have been thoughtfully designed to develop competence and confidence, following a natural and individual progression rate throughout the courses.


One of the prerequisites for all courses in the program is the child’s wish and intent to learn water skills. The courses are skill-oriented, and do not have any performance requirements; on the contrary, a maximum performance limitation is recommended for each course, as advised by the AIDA Medical Committee. ‘Breath holding’ and ‘freediving’ as concepts are not discussed in the program preventing competitiveness; instead, children learn ‘breath control’ among other water skills. 


Each course may take at least 3 or 4 days, and children can be certified at any level—as long as they meet the skill and age requirements. The courses also have a section dedicated to educating parents on the proper supervision of children and adolescents in the water.

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(min 2 students group, incl. certification, manual and gear use)

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