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About us

Blue Classroom is a top-tier freediving center led by a team of talented instructors. Our objective is to make the learning experience fun,

safe and unforgettable.

Blue Classroom offers a permanent training platform in the sea: an extraordinary and comfortable logistic for you!


Hugo Lampe

Get out of your comfort zone in a safe environment. Having fun while learning more about body and mind, that’s freediving for me.


If you are between 6-96 years old I can guide you in this inner experience.


“Let’s get high on your own supply”  😀 Hugo

Instructor Trainer

AIDA / Molchanovs / PADI

Danny Bio.PNG

Danny Peters

From an early age, Danny grew up with the beach and the sea, a passion by heart with everything surrounding these two. More than 22 years of lifeguard duties, saving lives, and affront the roughest sea conditions he eventually got in touch with Freediving!

The physiology and psychology behind freediving in combination with the state of mind when submerging underwater with one breath and only your mind and body, made freediving an instant addiction for Danny.


With experiences working on an ambulance, anesthesiology, and his lifeguard's duties; Danny not only loves to teach about Freediving but loves to dive deeper into the anatomy and medical background about this wonderful sport.


These skills combined make Danny an overall great Freedive instructor with a lot of extra in-depth information during his courses. Making sure Blue Classroom keeps providing the best quality courses, training, and workshop for both beginning and seasoned freedivers alike!

PADI Freediver Instructor

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