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Molchanovs - Wave 3




6 days

About the Course

During Wave3 Course you learn to equalize below your residual volume to achieve greater depth performances and to hold your breath for over three and a half minutes. Topics include advanced relaxation techniques such as attention deconcentration and an introduction to deep Frenzel and mouthfill equalization.

If you are taking the Wave 3 course, you are taught how to train in preparation to freedive comfortably to a depth of 34-40m (112-131 feet) in open water. Following the completion of Wave 3, you are permitted to act as an assistant in Molchanovs Wave and Lap courses (conditions apply) and you may also participate in a Molchanovs Instructor Course.

The course structure include an excellent online theory development, confined water skills and open water skills sessions (7). It takes minimun 6 days with morning and afternoon sessions, each training session takes around 2h. Theory development by Molchanovs Educational online system, exam and 1x Knowledge review class with your instructor.


  • Be at least 18 years old (16 years old with parental consent)

  • Be in good physical health

  • Wave 2 certificate for Wave 3 OR completed crossover evaluation

  • Active first aid certificate


  • 7x Training sessions (2x Confined Water + 5x Open water sessions)

  • 1x knowledge review classes with theory exam

  • Depth range: 24-40m

  • Molchanovs Base Training and dashboard access

  • Advanced Frenzel & mouthfill equalization

  • Attention deconcentration workshop & practice

  • Yoga/breathing workshop & practice

  • Internationally recognized e-certification

  • Individual UW Photos

  • Optional video footag

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