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AIDA Master




5 days

About the Course

This is the highest level of training attainable within the scope of recreational freediving in the AIDA Educational system. Students will be familiarized with techniques, knowledge and safety procedures for deep freediving that goes beyond recreational freediving, such as FRC diving, mouth-fill equalization and packing.

Students will develop their skills within these categories of freediving: Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea, Constant Weight, Free Immersion and Variable Weight, even though the main focus is on Constant Weight.

Besides in-water skills, the students will be introduced to full body warm-ups and stretching, specific stretching of breathing muscles, training concepts and diet that will benefit their freediving development. Also, an introduction to packing and reverse packing mainly within vital capacity is part of this course.

Another purpose of this course is to prepare successful candidates for the role as ‟assistant Instructors”, supervising students, leading warm up sessions, setting open water logistics, etc.

The course structure include, dry warm ups, confined water and open water sessions (6). It takes a minimum of 5 days with morning and afternoon sessions/classes, each training session takes around 2 hours. Theory development by independent study (PDF Manual), and 2 knowledge review classes with your instructor.


  • 18 years minimum of age

  • AIDA Advanced certification or crossover assessment

  • Have a qualification in First Aid including CPR, passed within the last two years


  • 6x Training sessions (2x Confined Water + 4x Open water sessions)

  • 2x knowledge review classes with theory exam

  • Advanced Frenzel & Mouthfill Equalization training

  • Yoga/breathing workshop & practice

  • Internationally recognized e-certification

  • Individual UW Photos

  • Optional video footage

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