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AIDA Instructor Course




9 days

About the Course

Within at least 9 full days candidates are trained to teach AIDA Freediving Courses (AIDA2 & AIDA3). The classroom sessions cover a variety of topics such as planning, marketing and running courses, teaching skills and theory, legal requirements and risk management.

Water sessions are used to complete performance requirements, teaching skill and demonstrations. As a part of their IC, candidates teach trial course sessions AIDA 2 and 3 under supervision of their Instructor Trainer. One month prior to their IC applicants receive studying materials as well as a topic of their own research which they will present during the IC as one of the practical exams.


  • Minimum 18 years old

  • Have completed the AIDA 4 course or have completed the AIDA 4 crossover evaluation if crossing over from another freediving agency

  • CPR/First Aid certificate no older than two years

  • Candidates should be prepared to complete all the requirements at the start of their Instructor Course (IC). Blue Classroom offers pre- IC training plans to get ready before your IC starts

Key Performance requirements:

  • 40-50m CWTB & FIM dives

  • STA: 4-5min

  • DYN: 90m

  • DNF: 50m

  • CNF: 20m

  • 25m rescue + 50m surface tow

  • 15m Stand-by rescue (minimum 60s)

  • Stamina test: 5x 20m dives with 1min recovery


  • Extensive manual & educational platform

  • Theory classes (8x, Online & Classroom)

  • 9 full days with our instructor trainer

  • 8 In water workshops/training sessions

  • Use of equipment & facilities

  • Individual UW Photos

  • Video footage

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