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Molchanovs - Wave 2




4 days

About the Course

The Wave 2 Freediving course will take your skills and performance to the next level. Your instructor will teach you how to optimize your pre-dive preparation, refine your Frenzel equalization and introduce you to the no-fins technique. Another fundamental of this level is to master the freefalling technique to save energy and fly into deeper waters.

During the confined water sessions we are aiming to extend your static breath hold comfortably beyond two and a half minutes, refine the skills learned during the Wave 1 course and introduce you to the dolphin kick.

This course includes online theory development, confined water skills and open water skills sessions (6). It takes a minimum of 4 days with morning and afternoon sessions, each training session takes around 2 hours. Theory development by Molchanovs Educational online system and 1x knowledge review class with your instructor.


  • 16 years minimum of age (16-17 yo with parent consent)

  • Wave1 certification or crossover assessment.


  • 6x Training sessions (2x Confined Water + 4x Open water sessions)

  • 1x knowledge review classes with theory exam

  • Depth range: 12-30m

  • Molchanovs Base Training and dashboard access

  • Advanced Frenzel Equalization training

  • Visualization workshop & practice

  • Yoga/breathing workshop & practice

  • Freediving gear ( wetsuit is not included)

  • Internationally recognized e-certification

  • Individual UW Photos

  • Optional video footage

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