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AIDA Advanced




4 days

About the Course

Have you completed your AIDA Freediver level 2 course (or equivalent)? The AIDA Advanced Course builds on the skills learnt in the AIDA level 2 course. AIDA Advanced is the core of AIDA freediving education.

During this intermediate level course, your instructor will teach you how to control your dives, fine tune the technique, your posture and relaxation, freefalling, designing your training tables, managing the frenzel technique for deeper dives, appropriate dry warm ups, and much more

The course takes a minimum of 4 days with morning and afternoon sessions (6), each training session takes around 2 hours. The theory learning is done through independent study (PDF Manual) and 2x Knowledge review classes with your instructor, including theory exam.


  • 16 years minimum of age (16-17 yo with parent consent)

  • AIDA Freediver certification or crossover assessment.


  • 6x Training sessions (2x Confined Water + 4x Open water sessions)

  • 2x knowledge review classes and 1 theory exam

  • Depth range: 12-30m

  • Complete manual (PDF)

  • Yoga/breathing workshop & practice

  • Freediving gear (wetsuit is not included)

  • Internationally recognized e-certification

  • Individual UW Photos

  • Optional video footage

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