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to Blue Classroom!

Freediving Center in Bonaire

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Do you want to book any courses, trainings or adventures with us?

We offer all AIDA, PADI & Molchanovs Freedive Courses including instructor courses! 


We also offer 1-day or multi day workshops for freediving, snorkling or sea habituation! 


Feel free to contact us and we'll attune to your requests!   

Experience Blue Classroom

Unlock the beauty of the underwater world with our professional instructors team. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, we offer a wide range of courses and training options to suit your needs. Dive into the peaceful depths of the Big Blue and experience the transformation that comes with freediving.



Join us today and unlock the hidden potential of your body and mind!

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Our instructors' TEAM will make your experience unique and personal!

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