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Molchanovs Wave1




3/4 Days

About the Course

In this introductory course, you learn the basics of freediving and discover your natural freediving ability. This premium experience is aimed for beginners as well as experienced freedivers who don´t have any formal training. You are taught techniques to hold your breath beyond a minute and a half and to do breath-hold dives with and without fins.

You also get to connect with a worldwide community through our Dashboard platform where you can access your education materials, get our weekly Base Trainings, log your badges, find freedivers near you, connect, exchange, train and learn from the best in the world.

The course structure includes an excellent online theory development, confined water skills and open water skills sessions (5). The course takes a minimum of 3 days with morning and afternoon sessions, each training session takes around 2 hours. The theory learning is done at home (using the Molchanovs Educational online system) and in the knowledge review class with your instructor.


  • 16 years minimum of age (16-17 years old with parental consent)

  • Swim 200m unassisted & non-stop


  • 5x Training sessions (2x Confined Water + 3x Open water sessions)

  • Online Theory development using a complete educational system

  • Molchanovs base training access

  • Relaxation techinques & practice

  • Frenzel equalization technique development

  • Knowledge review class and 1 theory exam

  • Depth range: 0-20m

  • Yoga/breathing workshop & practice

  • Freediving gear (wetsuit is not included)

  • Internationally recognized e-certification

  • Individual UW Photos

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