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Competitive Freediving Course

Blue Classroom offers you the fantastic opportunity to learn methods, strategies, and techniques for competitive freediving under the guidance of Carlos Coste with the Molchanovs Educational Platform!


The Wave 4 Competitive Freediving Course taught by Carlos Coste is an extraordinary learning opportunity for those looking to take the next steps in competitive freediving, or simply to learn the most powerful techniques, and practice it in a Top-level setting in Blue Classroom.

You have the opportunity to work with one of the sport’s most legendary competitors, Carlos Coste, who is not only a great athlete himself but also an intuitive and competent trainer.

This unique course features a set of components that focuses specifically on training for competitions. Competitive freediving requires an entirely separate set of skills that involves the ability to deal with the pressure and anxiety of competing, discipline in your training routine, advanced visualization concepts, and much more.


At the advanced stages, you will learn to control your body & mind to allow yourself to dive beyond 50 meters with calm and finesse.​  Topics include mastering mouthfill, dealing with pre-competition jitters, and competitive training methodologies.

This course is structured like a Training Camp with necessary days off and some breaks for recovery, carrying a minimum of 12 days.

  • Be at least 18 years old (16 years old with parental consent)

  • Be in good physical health

  • Wave 3 certificate OR completed crossover evaluation

  • Active first aid certificate


  • Learn directly from Carlos Coste 
  • Training sessions (12: 4x Confined Water + 8x Open water sessions)

  • Dry skills sessions (4)

  • Knowledge review class 

  • Depth range: 40-60m

  • Molchanovs extensive manual and Base Training access

  • Advanced Frenzel & mouthfill equalization

  • Attention deconcentration workshop & practice

  • Internationally recognized e-certification

  • Individual UW Photos

  • Video analysis & footage

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